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Life is full of twists and turns, especially when you're facing a potential legal battle to claim what's rightfully yours. At Disability Professionals, we understand the hardships to go along with Social Security Disability claims, and we're here to stand up and fight for you. Our fantastic team led by Tammy Wilson is ready and willing to represent your case. Unlike other law firms that only cover Social Security Disability claims every now and then, this is our specialty! We have the knowledge and experience to get you the justice you deserve, and we don't get paid unless you win! Call us today at our Corbin or Somerset offices.
Tammy Wilson, M.A. B.S. 
15 years of experience processing disability claims as a former Social Security employee. When it comes to your disability claim, Tammy Wilson will give you the personal attention you deserve. She'll meet with you personally to discuss your case and will take the time to develop a personal client / representative relationship. 

You can count on her to make your disability claim her number one priority.Don't settle for a general attorney who handles disability claims every now and then! With over 15 years of experience processing disability claims for the Social Security Administration, Tammy Wilson from Disability Professionals has the specialized experience you need to succeed. Give us a call at 606-258-7772 to find out more information!

About Tammy

Tammy Wilson is unlike other legal representatives because disability claims are all she does. Her passion for seeking justice motivated her to pass a rigorous law exam that would allow her to practice as an equivalent of an attorney in Social Security courts. She has met all of the education, training, and experience requirements pursuant to the Social Security Professional Representation Act (H.R. 4532).

Tammy was appointed as a non-attorney representative eligible for direct payment (EDPNA) by the Social Security Administration, has a national certificate in Social Security law, and is a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives. She processed disability claims for the Social Security Administration for 15 years, and has represented clients for Disability/SSI for 7 years.
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